Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Deldanezo is back

I decided to start blogging and see how it goes. I am not expecting anybody to read this nonsense blog but if you do, thank you for your time. Ever since Jake became a Manager,I am always home alone and it is getting depressing :'( Things weren't so bad if Geng or J's sis is at home.  In case you are wondering how could i even be lonely in University, i need to explain my situation.

1. Now is spring/summer season which means not many student will be in the campus. A handful of my friends went back home and will only return to school during Fall semester ( September).

2. I choose to stay in US and take Spring class. Jake on another hand want to take Spring class online and somehow he persuaded me to stay at his house in Grand Rapids ( 1-2hr drive from school) together with one of our friend therefore I am taking online classes now. I really can't complain because now I don't have to pay a single cent for my accommodation plus J's mum is super nice, sweet and giving. She even pay for our gym memberships and make sure we eat well,sleep well and enjoying ourselves. And i really thank god for her.

3. As mentioned, i am 180km away from school, means there is no way i can hang out with anybody else but myself. Neither can i join any clubs and activities in school. On top of that i don't have as much friends as i used to in poly so ... #forever21&alone.gif 

4. I don't have a friggin car!! I can't go to the gym/sports center myself to play basketball or swim unless i trouble somebody to drive me there. 

Basically i sumup how pathetic I am right now and this explain the origin of the blog lol.

Some Snap shots of my neighborhood near my campus.
This was awhile back when i was not as phat(fat) as now:( 

The back door of the Farmer's Market (Mad love this place)

Steady Eddy's Cafe

Hummus & Pita bread

My texas omelette + thick toast

Melted Raspberry Pie
Da Bomb! This is the best pie I ever had in my life.

Then we went picnic.....
                                                                      an impromptu decision

We get everything from the farmer's market. Which is a very awesome place where farmers sell their fresh produce and and home business owners sell their speciality food like bagels, kettle pop corn and banana cake and more....

His eyes!!!!! zomg

picnic by the lake.